Kimi wa Kanata (Over the sky) Movie hindi sub


Type: TV

Episodes: 1

Studios: Digital Network Animation

Source: Original

Genres: Fantasy, romance, supernatural,

Duration: 1h 35min.

Rating: None


No dreams to pursuit, no efforts to make, Mio, a high school girl is living a life of indolence, hoping that things will work out on its own. Mio and Arata, who is blessed with supernatural power and Mio’s childhood friend, often hang out, but they are not yet in a relationship. Their relationship starts to crumble with Mio’s friend’s innocent question about her feeling towards him. Mio tells her friend she has no feeing towards him so that she does not have to go through trouble with her.While trying to make up with Arata, Mio undergoes out of body experience with her soul drifting, trapped in the realm between the present and heaven, where memories are taken away from the people there to be ready to go to heaven.Realizing what is happening to her, Mio tries to go back to the present world to convey her feeling to Arata, and in order to make it possible, she has to take the train heading for the present without losing her memories.

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